World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals.

Playlist 30/01/07

1. Stickleback Didge Dub
2. Stickleback Jilted [Tempest Recordings]
3. Stickleback Honey Dub
4. Stickleback Headcase
5. Stickleback Firefly [Blue Pie]
6. Stickleback Nubian
7. Stickleback No One Da
8. Stickleback Acid House
9. Stickleback Rotator
10. Stickleback Yeeha
11. Stickleback Dirt

Sliding sideways into the Undercurrents this time is local Melbourne producer
Ben Heppel aka Stickleback.

This guy’s been at it musically for more than 8 years and is pretty good at gelling genres such as dub, breakbeat, and drum n bass.

With various releases on local and international labels such as Slalom, BluePie, Eyelash Records and Tempest Recordings, Stickleback’s proving good groundwork pays off.

If you’re into the Stickleback sound you can get more info at www.myspace/thestickleback.


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