Whether it be with his jazz quintet, in the studio or alone on the decks. Parov Stellar is unequivocably Austria's greatest musical export of the last two years.

The greatest attribute that Parov Stelar obviously has, is the ability to truly correspond with the music listener. As if asking the right amount of questions of someone who listens attentively! Enough that they don't get bored or uninterested and ultimately dissatisfied, and not too many of the listener as if the act of hearing music is some sort of university challenge that produces exhaustion! It's the success that has paved the way for Pavor Stelar to be Austria's greatest new export in the last two years. And so the story continues with the second album release from Parov Stelar. Seven and storm asks a few more questions this time, but we know that ostentatious behaviour and boastful self indulgence are far from the questions asked. Musical correspondence is still the total objective for Parov Stelar. 'Simple' and 'interesting' are the two words that come to mind when listening to the new album. Somehow you sense the two words should not be compatible but somehow Parov Stelar makes them so. There is a wonderful minimal feel to Seven and storm, as if Parov is stripped bare and exposed. There seems to be a sequence of musical drawings telling a story in all the tracks. Emotion runs high, tense, fragile, heartwarming, heartbreaking sometimes. As with 'Rough Cuts' the previous Parov Stelar album, Seven and storm seems to just be a perfect accompaniment to being a westernized young adult. Guest appearances from Phoebe Hall, Billy Kern, Odette Di Maio, Miss Anita Riegler and Leena Conquest add beautifully to the atmospheric smokey jazzy feel of Seven and storm. Their presence is wonderfully acted out. Another amazing belonging and security to Parov Stelar is the use of samples. We are sure no one right now is using samples in such a sophisticated and mesmerizing way. Sampling is a art form and Parov Stelar is a master of this principal activity.

01-02-2007 Radiokulturhaus | Vienna | Austria
02-02-2007 Yum-Yum | Amstetten | Austria
16-03-2007 Jazzkeller Kamot | Klagenfurt | Austria
22-03-2007 Asha | Treviso | Italy
23-03-2007 Laurin Parkhotel | Bolzano | Italy
30-03-2007 Ost-Klub | Vienna | Austria
31-03-2007 Mylos Cafe | Thessaloniki | Greece
14-04-2007 Kulturfabrik Helfenberg | Helfenberg | Austria


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