Blair Stafford aka brother b is fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 6/02/07

1. Nostalgia 77 Steps of the Sun [Tru Thoughts]
2. Yam Who Here We Go [Little League Productions]
3. Ohmega Watts (PPP Bang Bang Remix) The Find feat. Stro' the 89th Key [Ubiquity]
4. Amnesty Can I Help You [Stones Throw]
5. Amnesty Mister President [Stones Throw]
6. Elizabeth Shephard Trio Reversed (Nostalgia 77 mix) [Do Right Music]
7. Funky Music Machine Gotta Clean Up The World Part I [Truth & Soul]
8. Soothsayers Blinded Souls(Quantic) [Red Earth]
9. Noel Ellis Rocking Universally [Summer Records]
10. Massak B.L.A [Favourite Recordings]
Makossa & Megablast Album Preview
12. Makossa & Megablast Intro [Luvlite Recordings]
13. Makossa & Megablast Mama feat. 3gga [Luvlite Recordings]
14. Makossa & Megablast Get It On feat. Kool Keith [Luvlite Recordings]
15. Makossa & Megablast Find It Remake feat. Farda P [Luvlite Recordings]
end of Album Preview
18. Parov Stellar Magic [CDR]
19. Sol y Luna Perry Humus (Power Bossa Mix) [Further Out]
20. Stray Musick (Our Way of Life) [CDR]

It is scorching here. Yesterday was 38 or something and today is supposed to be the same so save firing a blunt the only way to spend the time is at the decks and laying down some great firey tunes. We have new music this week from Makossa & Megablast; the album is due out soon but the lads have sent me a promo link and I am loving it. Very deep and some fantastic guest vocalists. Have a good listen with the bass up hard. Other than that I go off on a bit of a afro/reggae trip after a few jazzier numbers from the like of Elizabeth Shephard Trio and a number off the new Nostalgia 77 album "Everything Under The Sun" (senstational stuff, we will hear more in future shows). Anyway sit back and pour a cold one while we go on a journey around the globe this week.
Brother B


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