World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals.

Playlist 13/02/07

1. Edward Ka_Spel Hey Rainman_Forest Friendly Mix
2. Kuba Summer Breezin
3. Master Margherita & TajMahal The Analog Point
4. Adrian Sherwood Monastery of Sound
5. Souvenir Heads are Resistors
6. Joujouka Never Look Back
7. Joujouka Box Rocker_Funky Gong Remix
8. Yppah Again with Subtitles [Ninja Tune]
9. RJD2 Airbag
10. Slackbaba Tsenstak_Dreamtime Mix
11. BN Loco Hombre Helado
12. Lisse Gruv Last Soul Descendents
13. Dolphin Boy Shake it Loose
14. Manasseh Tabla Corner Special

If you’re into a bit of dark dub carefully combined with vocals and bass heavy beats – you might just be in for a treat this time round in the Undercurrents.



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