Onur Engin embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, hip-hop and modern sounds where jazz is the theme.

Playlist 16/02/07

1. Bennie Maupin - Past+Present=Future [ECM]
2. Makossa and Megablast - Intro by Ras T-Weed [G-Stone]
3. Flevans - Sweep Definitive [Tru Thoughts]
4. Supersci - A Lotta Love [Lights Out!]
5. Marvin Gaye (Fake Fake Records) - Got To Give It Up Part III [Fake Fake]
6. Andres - Vibe Zone [KDJ]
7. Karizma - Tech This Out2 [R2]
8. Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough [Pulver]
9. Curtis Fuller (Basement Boys Remix)- Minor Vamp [Savoy]
10. Torpedo Boyz - Japaneeze Boyz (Smoove Remix) [Lounge]
11. Swell Sessions - InDaJazzClub [White]

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