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Playlist 25/02/07

1. Matthew Herbert - Singing in the Rain [K7/Inertia]
2. Johnny Raducanu - Balada [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
3. Marlone & Barnes and Spontaneous Simplicity - Galactic Interlude [Luv n Haight/Creative Vibes]
4. Nostalgia 77 - Everything Under the Sun [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
5. Cinematic Orchestra - Colours [Ninja Tune/Inertia]
6. Corinne Bailey Rae - Daydreaming [EMI/EMI]
7. Caural - Dead Armies [Astro Lab]
8. Blu - In Remembrance [Sound in Color/Creative Vibes]
9. Nas - Hope (full version) [cdr]
10. Eric Roberson - Couldn't Hear Her (feat Curt Chambers) [Blue Erro Soul]
11. Wicked Beat Sound System - Patience My Friend [Wicked Beat/Inertia]
12. Mista Savona - Words and Meditation [Elefant Traks/Inertia]
13. Hudson Mohawke - Free Mo [cdr]
14. E Da Boss feat Gift of Gab & Lateef the Truth Speaker - Go Left [Om/Stomp]
15. Tego Calderon - Trangalanga [Atlantic/Warner]
16. Manteca - Tremendo Boogaloo (Flow Dynamics Remix) [Invada/Inertia]
17. Rufige Cru - Malice in Wonderland [Metalheadz/Inertia]
18. Bangana - Fantasma [Heya Hi-Fi/Creative Vibes]
19. Tomboy - Ist So Hot [Gomma/Creative Vibes]
20. Lee Jones - There Comes a Time [Aus]
21. Ianeq - The Return (Fabrice Lig Remix) [Mental Groove]
22. Aardvarck - Aardbij (Quince's Inspiration Mix) [Rush Hour]
23. Moodorama - Ir Facil (Remix) [Mole Listening Pearls/Stomp]
24. Tracey Thorn - It's All True (DSE Dub) [Virgin/EMI]
25. Recloose Live Band - Sweet Power Your Embrace [Fingertips]
26. General Levy & Lily Allen - Mad LDN (Heatwave Remix) [Punchline]

This week's album to check is from the scarily consistent Nostalgia 77 with 'Everything Under the Sun', keeping with the strong jazz feel of his other recent releases, but adding vocals on quite a few of the tracks. We also had more new music from Eric Roberson and Cinematic Orchestra, intense military hip hop beats from Hudson Mohawke, sentimental hip hop from Blu and Nas, the Recloose Live Band covering James Mason, Australian music from Wicked Beat Sound System, Mista Savona and Flow Dynamics and a long bracket of technoish tunes in the latter half of the show.

By the way, the Stylin stream is now sounding even better at 128kbps. Hope you're enjoying the extra fidelity. Email me or Straightup if this is causing any connection issues.

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