Live from their kitchen in Berlin and Kitty Yo Records. SID lay down some tracks exlusively for straightup, exclusively real.

Playlist Sex in Dallas

1. Sex In Dallas and Biladoll intro
2. Richard H kirk testone
3. Alexander Robotnick je t envoie
4. Inbeatwin interzoner
5. Sex In Dallas everybody deserves to fucked
6. Freddy Fresh interlude
7. Like A Tim booogie
8. Electro Empire electro meydey
9. Aphex Twin afx1
10. Abe Duque champagne days cocaine nights
11. arcola
12. Abe Duque moist
13. Doctor Rockit Iinterlude
14. Scatalogics le telephone call
15. Alexander Robotnick dance boy dance
16. Gigi et son Orchestre bientot tu l aura
17. Sex In Dallas everybody deserves to be fucked
18. New Order blue monday
19. Ural 13 Diktators diskossa
20. !!! guilianni and me
21. fix flash
22. Thomas Brinkman corvette
23. Magas toys


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