Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers.

Playlist 28/02/07

1. DBridge Something To Hide [Creative Source]
2. DBridge & Steve Spacek Last Straw [Exit]
3. Logistics Depth Charge [Hospital]
4. Angel Zero Recess [Warm Communications]
5. Rufige Kru Vanilla [Metalheadz]
6. Ill Logic & Raf Breakdance (Lets Go) [Soul:R]
7. Instra:Mental Naked Zoo [Soul:R]
8. Mist:ical Eject [Soul:R]
9. Mist:ical Natasha [Soul:R]
10. Mist:ical feat. DRS The Eleventh Hour [Soul:R]
11. Rufige Kru Malice In Wonderland [Metalheadz]
12. Ed Rush Killaminjaro [Prototype]

From the biggest names in Drum & Bass to the virtual unknowns, Radio Terrain continues showcasing quality music from all corners of the globe. Does a globe have corners? I dont know, but i do know that there are some very tasty bits in this weeks installment. Goldie & Heist aka Rufige Kru feature twice with the second single from the forthcoming LP, Mist.ical get three tracks in there taken from their new LP & two newcomers Angel Zero & Intra:mental provide some quirky beats. Also watch for a very special little track from DBridge & Steve Spacek. Enjoy;)


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