World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals.

Playlist 28/02/07

1. Spoonbill Cocoon Part 4
2. Cine Mad in Chaos Taste this seed
3. Sola Rosa The C’mon
4. Jumbonics Down & Round [Tru Thoughts]
5. Spoonbill Half a lamington
6. So called You are never alone
7. Ionic Western Love Rough
8. Black Grass Rest Assured_feat Blue Rum 13 [Catskills]
9. Cine Mad in Chaos Sunrise
10. Cine Mad in Chaos Another Room
11. Kora Politician Remix
12. Dub Doubt Something Right
13. Jumbonics Last nite [Tru Thoughts]
14. Thievery Corporation Until the morning_feat Emilian Torrini [Rewound by Kid Loco]
15. Wicked Beat Sound System Hydromajestik [Wicked Beat Records]
16. Stewart & Melville Eliza’s Dream [Vicious]
17. DJ Fresh Throw_feat Neil Tennant [Breakbeat Kaos]

The undercurrent gets all a bit funky this time round.

Featuring a good spread of tunes from Aussie talents such as Spoonbill, Ionic, Dub Doubt, Stewart & Melville and the Wicked Beat Sound System, there’s plenty to like amongst this lot.

Oh, and check out the very cheeky vocals being churned out by Brazilian producer Cine Mad in Chaos – I’m liking his work a lot.

A definite Sunday afternoon bevvy and spliff mix.


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