Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound. Eclectic Pop to Tranced out dub, guitar rock to Roots rythms.

Playlist 28/02/07

1. Sol Seppy 1 2 [Gronland]
2. Joan as Policewoman Eternal Flame [Creative Vibes]
3. Mekon Gse [Wall of Sound]
4. Humcrush Hornswoggle [Rune Grammaphon]
5. Yppah Hit the Breaks [Ninja Tune]
6. Ndala Kasheba Mpaka Manga [Limitless sky Records]
7. Honeycut Tough Kid [Quannum]
8. Ennio Morricone Il Lunzo Silenzio [Camcos]
9. Bonnie Rait Darlin’ [Asylum]
10. Pansonic Lomittain [Blast First]
11. Thievery Corporation Il Grande Silensio [WEA International]
12. Astronomy Class Midnight @ the Observatory [Elephant Trax]
13. Big Youth Travellin’ Man [Elephant Trax]
14. Anthony B Blaze the Fire [Elephant Trax]
15. Richard H Kirk Freezone [WaxTrax]

blissful voices...trippy experimentaism... hip hop freestyles & master morricone...tanzanian messages...honey & electro...wobbly dub timebombpunk funk J


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