Tracks within contain that sub sonic element, the other kooky left field things within will amaze and stun.

Playlist 20/03/07

1. Sexy beats for dub style-e feets part 1of 4 [1997]
No play list - sorry too old..!!

For the next 4 edition’s of “Spank Da Bass” we is gunna give you something special this is the 10 year anniversary “Sexy Beats For Dub Style-e Feets”

As a dj you really don’t wanna be mixing music all the time when chilling with friends, and this is why “Sexy Beats For Dub Style-e Feets” was made..

In its original form it was a 4 hour mix recorded on to video tape in 1997 then dub together with all kinda strange animation, kooky, adult ,lost & abstract video clips from 1990-1997 to give people an audio visual stimulating experience to make them think and laugh..

This was a great way to chill out after a big night out or even with just the audio (as your getting hear now..) for some backyard BBQ action..

It’s a 4 hour mix that has been chopped up in to 4 parts .. for the next four shows…

In part 1 ya gunna hear lots of fav beats & breaks from western’s to Sci-Fi movies..

It’s all fun…

To find the other parts of this mix look for the dates over on the right hand side (previews shows)

Part 1 – 20/03/07

Part 2 – 01/04/07

Part 3 – 13/04/07

Part 4 - 05/05/07

Let me quote the cover of the VHS cassette case…

“If you feel sexy... sit down and groove”

“Sexy Beats For Dub Style-e Feets”

Perfect for all moods..!


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