Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound. Eclectic Pop to Tranced out dub, guitar rock to Roots rythms.

Playlist 28/03/07

1. Secret Mommy Dance Studio [Powershovel Audio]
2. Trans Am Climbing Up the Ladder [Thrill Jockey]
3. Trams Am 1st Words [Thrill Jockey]
4. People Under the Stairs Jappy Jap [Om Records]
5. Patrick Torsson Statements of Fact
6. The Kissaway Trail Smother + Evil = Hurt [Etch & Sketch]
7. Kamikaze Trio Drinking & Crying [Infidelity]
8. Yekete Beat Band Madoya [Limitless Sky Records]
9. Mika Sasaki Mika [Powershovel Audio]
10. Doddodo Donomichi Doddodo [Powershovel Audio]
11. Kath Bloom Come Here [Powershovel Audio]
12. Midnite Stretch Out [I Grade Records]
13. Midnite & Lion Tribe Suns of Atom [Ffth Sun Records]
14. Kid 606 Gq on the Eq [Pecac Recordings]

Words are ‘non’ imperitaive... slow & crushing... tanzanian beats & californian rapsters 2...fragmented & digressive...subtle force & opacity...lush bliss reggae...electronic freakery


As far as I know, I am not a robot.