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Playlist 11/04/07

1. Spoonbill Swamp intro [Omelette]
2. Spoonbill Cocoon Part 2 [Omelette]
3. Spoonbill Cocoon Part 3 [Omelette]
4. Spoonbill Cocoon Part 4 [Omelette]
5. Spoonbill The Famous Lane [Omelette]
6. Spoonbill Ragdoll_feat Leniece Boyd [Omelette]
7. Spoonbill Rubber Squeegy [Omelette]
8. Spoonbill Low and Easy [Omelette]
9. Spoonbill EMR Exposure [Omelette]
10. Spoonbill Fuse Jam [Omelette]
11. Spoonbill 2 Spoons [Omelette]
12. Spoonbill Wakini Sunlounge [Omelette]
13. Spoonbill Boogie Bang Bang [Omelette]
14. Spoonbill Half a Lamington [Omelette]

In the Undercurrents this time round we introduce multi-talented award winning Melbourne Producer…Spoonbill aka Jim Moynihan.

On the history side of things…this lad started out as a drummer at the wee age of 12…he then dabbled in percussion before going mad for electronic production.

He’s gathered a nice collection of audio production awards from some of Melbourne’s finest festivals, including the Fringe and International Film Festival

His debut album, Megafauna, got swamped in attention back in 2005 and now Spoonbill’s second album, Nestegg, is set to receive the same response.

All this aside…Spoonbill’s got one of those really excellent overactive imaginations and both this mix and the Nestegg album reflect a wonderful soundground of madness.

If you love it…look him up at or

* All tracks by Spoonbill copyright Jim Moynihan 2005-2007


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