John has been a favourite at your more eclectic London nights since the 80s. Now a resident of Melbourne and a much anticipated breathe of aural pleasure to the scene.

Playlist John Bailey

1. intro david axelrod
2. space is the place sun ra
3. electronic sonata for souls loved by nature george russell
4. you never come closer doris
5. you've come this way before nancy priddy
6. the bump george freeman
7. bumpin eddie harris
8. interlude by david axelrod
9. sweetie pie stone alliance
10. automne (colchique) cortex
11. zozoi france gall & cesar camargo mariano
12. freio aerodinamico marcus valle
13. take this hammer carl b stokes
14. tabu don cunningham
15. prelude to a leaving shawn phillips
16. golden ring american gypsy
17. when the levee breaks led zepplin
18. rythmiques no. 8 rythmiques
19. wooden ships chris harwood
20. mas que nada luis enriquez

John Bailey got his 'music education' as a regular at Gilles Peterson's legendary Dingwall Sessions on a Sunday afternoon in Camden. This session back in the late 80's got him hooked on the fusion of different music styles from the past and present with Peterson and Patrick Forge's 'anything goes' music policy and attitude. It was an unbelievable learning curve musically. Growing up in London meant he was never far away from nights and sessions by the DJs like Gilles, Patrick, Norman Jay, Baz Fe Jazz, Kevin Beadle, Russ Dewbury, Snowboy, Gary Dennis etc. Spoilt would be a better word! Hearing these DJs play amazing records from the past started an obsession of going out digging and buying these tunes - a habit that is still strong 22 years later.


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