Blair aka brother b likes to keep it fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 11/01/06

1. Felix Laband Crooked Breath [Compost ]
2. Nobody Porpoise Song [Ubiquity ]
3. Stereolab & The High Llamas Harve Daley Hix [Light in the Attic ]
4. General Electrics Terms & Conditions apply [Compost ]
5. Charles Mingus Love Chant [Fantasy ]
6. Thelonius Monk Off Minor [Riverside ]
7. Gabriel Ananda Suessholz [Compost ]
8. Trouble Man Roll On (feat.Eska) [Far Out Recordings ]
9. Vassy Cover You In Kisses [Amnesty International Comp ]
10. John Arnold I Can Be [Ubiquity ]
11. Sa Ra Fish Fillet [Ubiquity ]
12. Kinny & Horne Dignity [Tru Thoughts ]
13. Colourbox Baby I Love You So [4AD ]
14. Kabanjak & Jungle Brothers Brain in Dub [Switchstance Recordings ]

New Year brings many things. Battered souls, promises of a healthier lifestyle and in the case of straightup the addition of brother b (straightup head honcho) to the decks. This, his first show for many years show flight on the decks and flutters on the mike. Back to the days when four tracks ruled the airwaves to mixing it up and throwin' down some new dub out of Germany, folk elctro 60s style and add a dash of future funk with a touch of Tru Thoughts beauty.


As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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