Blair Stafford aka brother b is fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 1/05/07

1. Ok Ma Inna Blink [CDR]
2. The Bamboos Get In the Scene(feat. Ohmega Watts) [Tru Thoughts]
3. Soulphonic Soundsystem Dossabo [CDR]
4. Anthony Joseph and The Spasm Band Buddha [Kindred Spirits]
5. Mr President Gimme Some Time (Breaks) [Favourite Recordings]
6. Katrah Quey The Tightest [Dust Shop]
7. Kid Loco New Brazin [Regrooves]
8. Lyric L Ooh U and I [Altered Vibes]
9. Lorbi Malaysia [Etage Noir]
10. Julia Messenger So Complicated [/CDR]
11. Ok Ma Blue Skies [CDR]
12. Patchwork and Mr Day Brothers on the Slide (The Dynamics Edit) [Favourite Recordings]
13. Grandmaneto Night Fever [Big Single]
14. Coke Escovedo I Wouldn't Change a Thing [Unique]

Hi All well first up apologies for the sound on this one. The third track just seems to get away from me but no sweat is the only mistake. I just picked up some new software the last week for doing my shows and am still trying to sort out the levels. How it goes huh!! So I had a ball doing this show this week. I just got a bundle of 7"s with some beautiful reggae covers of things like Bee Gees Night Fever as well as sent some insane new material from Ok Ma, Lyric L and Mr President to name a few. So a Constant Time classic this week from wet (finally it rained this week) Melbourne!!


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