Producer/DJ Nick Whiteside (aka Lava Musique) is something of an enigma. Reclusive by nature, Nick has always shied away from the pitfalls of the industry.

Playlist Lava Musique Ensemble

1. LGP2
2. Living In
3. Zion Dub (Supersquare Mix)
4. Mixdown
5. Springtime
6. Carl’s Tribute
7. Over at Ken’s House
8. Superlove
9. Talking a Blue Streak

Lava Musique Ensemble.
Live recording @ RMIT Studios, circa 2002.

Notes on the session.
Nick Whiteside; beats, synths and programming.
Will Poskitt: piano and keys
Alex Harvey: saxophones

Set List:
(NB. All titles written by Nick Whiteside/Lava Musique except the outro for track 9, which is a sample taken from an Eddie Kendricks track “My People…Hold On”)


Kevin said:
Message for Nick Whiteside, plesae ring Kevin at St Kevin's College on Melbourne 9832 4974 or email

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