World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals.

Playlist 10/05/07

1. Hol Baumann Radio Babylon
2. Ihor Feelings for Healing [Candy Flip Records]
3. Drew id Grass is Greener [Little Rascal Records]
4. Kid Beyond Deep Inside_DJ Jethro Remix
5. The Obvious_Alf Strangers [Little Rascal Records]
6. Kritical Audio Krupp
7. James Holden Idiot [Border Community]
8. Jean Paul-Bony Bit by Bit Ear Worms_feat Alissa Keuker [Compost]
9. Gaudi The Whip RT_feat Random [Interchill Records]
10. Roedelius and Timothy O’Keefe Hoc Volo [Psycho Navigation]
11. Pushmipulyu Hyde Park Fauna [Interchill Records]
12. Dollboy Cicadas
13. Daktari She set Fire [Daktari]
14. Apparat Komponent_Telefon Tel Aviv Remix [Hefty Records]

This mix is a fairly mellow offering of glitch-filled dub with sporadic vocals and random heavy beats for the harder at heart.

Overall, a smooth sojourn in the undercurrents this time round.


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