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Playlist 11/05/07

1. Lynx Feat. Kemo Global Enemies [Soul:R]
2. Mutt Training Suite [Breakbeat Science]
3. Calibre feat. DRS Movin' [Signature]
4. Seba & Krazy High Priestess [Paradox Music]
5. Calibre & Zero Tolerance feat. Mercy Waterfalls [Signature]
6. Lynx Break The Mod [Soul:R]
7. Jonny L Basic [Mr.L]
8. Break Come & Get It [Soul:R]
9. Calibre & Zero Tolerance What I Feel [Signature]
10. Alix Perez & Sabre Solitary Native [Shogun Ltd]
11. Rufige Kru Scar [Metalheadz]

Radio Terrain is back after a short period of unavoidable downtime...sounds like a weak excuse...but yer know..?

Anyway, to make up for the last couple of late updates i have put a show together of some of the best music to come out in a looong while. Its a great time for drum & bass right now! Kicking off with one of the best takes on Hip Hop/Drum & Bass I've ever heard from the talk of the town; Lynx featuring Kemo the show moves through gems from Mutt, Calibre, Zero Tolerance, Jonny L, a stomper from Break, The '93 til infinty-esque "Solitary Native" by Alix Perez & Sabre and ends with a smack in the mouth from Goldie and Heist aka Rufige Kru...enjoy:)


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