Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop play that rare combination of funk breaks and progressive dance. Turntables and a funky piano!

Touring Nationally October 07
• Perth October 12th Funk Club
• Adelaide October 13th Rocket Bar
• Melbourne October 19th First Floor
• Sydney October 20th Clare Hotel (Dusttones 2nd Birthday Bash)

Marc Hype is no newbie to the world of DJing. Since he's hitting the decks for almost 18 years now, pioneering hip hop in Germany in the beginning of the '90s with his old crew Cheeba Garden, constantly releasing records since '93, winning the German ITF Championships in '98 and '99 and founding the DJ Collective Phaderheadz, touring allover the world including USA, Japan, Russia and Israel, cooperating on mixtapes with the likes of DJ Z-Trip or Mista Sinista and featured world class artists like Masta Ace, Souls Of Mischief, Mr. Lif, Killa Kela, Zion I and the Beat Junkies on his last album "1973 * Recon" which was released in 2003, nobody could denie that. Also his popular German Break Mixes "Funkvergnügen" gave him worldwide recognition in the crate digging communitiy. In 2006 they supported the Coke DJ Culture Tour (together with Z-Trip).

Since the last two years he's touring and producing together with his Partner Jim Dunloop, the funky piano man, who's playing the keys for 25 years now. Both together setting the dancefloor to an earthquake with their unique combination of Hype's turntable skills dropping raw funk breaks, dusty hip hop and progressive dance tunes while Jim Dunloop is improvising through the whole set, filling the frequencies with his awesome fingertechniques.


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