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Playlist 11/06/07 with Chris Cox & Mark de Clive-Lowe

1. Legends of the Underground - Introduction (feat Rich Medina) [Antipodean]
2. Yesterday's Universe All Stars - Vibes from the Tribe Suite [Stones Throw/Creative Vibes]
3. Tongues of Fire - Washerwoman's Brawl [Nanny Tango]
4. Ouiche Lorene - Toxic [Coffee Break]
5. Twista - Give it Up (feat Pharrell Williams) [Atlantic/Warner]
6. Talib Kweli - Country Cousins (feat UGK) [Blacksmith]
7. Descry - Music (feat Rathmatixx & Raashan Ahmad) [Beatcrafters]
8. Trainspotters - Feel the Vibe [Random Bastards]
9. E-Z Rollers - Happy Now [Intercom]
10. Joris Voorn - My People [Green]
11. Fabrice Lig - Au Pont des Ames Perdues [Motech]
12. Christian Vance - (untitiled live excerpt 2007) [cdr]
13. Morgan Zarate - MAB [Fat City]
14. Byron & Onra - Word Up [Circulations]
15. Onra & Quetzal - Brenton's Revenge [Bo Bun]
16. Garcia - Dejalo (feat NORE & Liza Quinn) [Crazy Hood]
17. Prince Fatty - Milk & Honey [Mr Bongo]
18. Heralds of Change - Spotted [All City]
20. Julien Dyne - Maddingos [From the Crate]
21. Ota feat Tawiah - Things You Do [Antipodean]
22. Nebatean - Hangers On [cdr]
23. Lewis McCallum - Fly or Die [Antipodean]
24. Lady Alma - Running 4 Nothing [Antipodean]
25. Legends of the Underground - Encore [Antipodean]
26. Chris Cox - Peace (demo version feat Ladi6) [cdr]

There are many good reasons for me to be featuring New Zealand music on Stylin, and Chris Cox and Mark de Clive-Lowe are two of the best. Both are return guests to the show, and always welcome back. Chris has just moved back to Auckland from London, where he was the resident DJ at Mark's Freesoul parties. He returns to work on a number of projects taking over Phil Asher's role as co-producer for Nathan Haines whose new album should be out later this year. His Thisinformation project seems to be in hiatus, but expect his tune Peace to surface sometime soon, probably in a different form to the version he played on this show. He and Mark are also starting a new project called Universal Sun, specialising in house music. Chris also assists Mark with the Antipodean record label and previewed a few tunes from their forthcoming compilation of NZ music.

Mark himself remains his usual busy self, still based in London where he continues to generate a massive amount of music. When you see him perform live (as many of us did in Melbourne last Saturday) its not hard to understand how he manages to be so prolific, swiftly knocking out beats in real time on his MPC3000, dropping in basslines then adding all manner of keyboard magic and effects over the top. He was accompanied on this visit by our own Elvis Aljus on percussion and amazing Philly diva Lady Alma. My prayers were answered when they performed Hold it Down (the classic which Alma recorded with 4 Hero), a mad version leading out into Just Be Good to Me. Look out for a new EP from Alma on Antipodean, plus Mark has 3 collaborative albums coming soon: Legends of the Underground 2, MdCL "Journey to the Light' and The Politik (self-titled, a collab with Bembe Segue).

Phew, enough about my guests and more about me. Before these guys came in I managed to play some brass band jazz, r&b, hip hop, drum & bass, techno and reggae. Special mention for the excerpt from a live performance from Melbourne techno don Christian Vance, who was recently flown to Detroit by Derrick May to collaborate on a version of a manga soundtrack piece. Christian's time is nearly upon us.

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