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Playlist 15/07/07

1. W Ellington Felton - Friendly Lover [Art!Hurts]
2. Kettel - Prairieplant [Dub]
3. Hiroki Mizukami - Human Race (Original Instrumental Version) [Palette Sounds]
4. Fineprint - Ashby [Milk Dipper]
6. Amp Fiddler - Scared [Wall of Sound/Creative Vibes]
7. Ohio Players - Pride & Vanity [Westbound]
9. Library Vultures - Yes Yes Yeah [Turbo Trax]
10. Jaylib - The Mission (Stringed Out Mix) [Stones Throw/Creative Vibes]
11. Shin-Ski feat Dagha - Elements [Handcuts]
12. Fineprint - Puerto Rico [Milk Dipper]
13. Q-Tip - Work it Out [Universal/Universal]
14. The Foundation Band - Jam Session (I Probably Should Not Have) [cdr]
15. Keyshia Cole feat Missy Elliott & Lil Kim - Let it Go [Geffen/Universal]
16. Angie Stone - Baby [Stax]
17. Cleo - Got Me Feelin Like This [Eastside]
18. La Sonora Poncena & Elephant Man - Killer in Tunisia (Grubby Latin Remix) [Noisybunch]
19. Elizabeth Shepherd Trio - Midnight Sun [Do Right]
20. John Coltrane - I Want to Talk About You [Impulse/Universal]
21. Frederik Kronkvist - Straight to the Point [Connective]
22. Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra - Transmigration [Delmark]
23. Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra - Return of the Lost Tribe [Delmark]
24. Polyversal Souls - Sad Nile [Fryers]
25. Mellow Madness - Save the Youth (Kenny Dope Mix) [Kay-Dee]
26. Mr Day - Soul on Wax (Original Edit) [Favorite]
27. Jazz Thieves - Feelin Easy [Pushin Wax]

Jazz is back. It's harder to find the quality pieces in new jazz these days but it's certainly nice when you do. There was the superb Max Grunhard Quintet EP for Impossible Art last week. This week it was the new albums from Frederik Kronkvist and Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra, both worth seeking out for quite a few pieces. I'll try to have another attempt at playing the magnificent 'Transmigration' in full on a future Stylin. But there's nothing like hearing the great John Coltrane to make you forget that any other music exists. A clutch of his legendary Newport live recordings has just been rereleased and remastered including a great 17-minute version of 'My Favorite Things'.

Trainspotters' Corner is back too. The now occasional Stylin segment had to make a return once I worked out what Morgan Zarate was chopping up (brutally) in his recent collab with Amp Fiddler. Sure sounds nice to be listening to some Ohio Players again.

Other notables: latin hip hop from Fineprint, new Q-Tip, another Poets of Rhythm side-project with Polyversal Souls, a mad blend putting Elephant Man over 'Night in Tunisia', the very Amerie/Rich Harrison-influenced Cleo, cinematic melodies from Kettel and some beautiful d&b with the Jazz Thieves.

Speaking of drum & bass, next week my guest will be Marcus Intalex of MIST/Mist:i:cal/Soul:r fame.

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