Blair Stafford aka brother b is fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 25/07/07

1. Deep Street Soul Get Down HQ [Jaycees Records]
2. The Bamboos Bring It Home (feat. Alice Russell) [Tru Thoughts]
3. Har You Percussion Group Welcome To The Party [Jazzman]
4. Flow Dynamics Bossa For Bebo [CDR]
5. Zeep Baby [Far Out Recordings]
6. Jazzconductor Sapio [Dicey Records]
7. Zeep Nature [Far Out Recordings]
8. 7 Samurai God's Props (Panoptikum Remix) [G.A.M.M.]
9. Samon Kawamura Black Star [Nesola]
10. Samon Kawamura U Nu [Nesola]
11. Shuya Okimo Summer Love feat. Nicky Guiland [ESpecial]
12. Shuya Okimo A Million Tears feat. Courtney Dennie [ESpecial]
13. Me and You Got Any RnB [Tru Thoughts]
14. Me and You Random Search (shakihachi remix) [Tru Thoughts]
15. Julien Dyne The Truffle Shuffle [FTC Records]
Four Days in Geneva Listening Review
17. Ohmega Watts-Braille-Surreal-DJ Idull Welcome To Geneva [Hiphop is Music]
18. Ohmega Watts-Braille-Surreal-DJ Idull Remember that Rhyme [Hiphop is Music]
19. Ohmega Watts-Braille-Surreal-DJ Idull Idull Hands Interlude [Hiphop is Music]
20. Ohmega Watts-Braille-Surreal-DJ Idull Pass the Mic to Sivion [Hiphop is Music]
22. Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop Supastars [Milk Crate]
23. Esperanto Night of the Wolf [Freestyle]

Lots and lots of new tunes this week. A very special listening review of Four Days in Geneva a concept album from Ohmega Watts, Braille, Surreal and DJ Idull. Apparently they had a gig pulled from them last Spring in Europe and instead of just hanging out they rented a studio in Geneva for four days and laid down this album (with a little help from some friends later on adding a few intermissions etc).

I have just heard of a new deep funk outfit in Melbourne called Deep Street Soul and decided that the debut single of theirs is worthy of kicking the show off. Some great new music from Zeep who are currently working on a Constant Time special for us all to enjoy. Can't wait!

New music from 7 Samurai, Samon Kawamura, Me and You (aka TM Juke and Rob Luis) and a few more. At the end of the show I laid down a current favourite outfit of mine, Marc Hype (decks) and Jim Dunloop (piano) who are touring Australia in October so we will be hearing more from them very soon. They are apparently amazing live so if you have seen them in Europe let us know your thoughts.

So I hope you enjoy this week's Constant Time. Any feedback is always appreciated.


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