Beat Sloer akaSeelenluft aka Silvercity Bob is obviously feeling the tepid weather with this humid mix of treats

Playlist Seelenluft

1. Flaming Lips yeahyeahyeahsong (seelenluft remix)
2. Chelonis R. Jones Helen Cornell
3. Junior Boys Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)
4. Kelley Polar Rosenband (Magic Tim Remix)
5. Booka Shade Tickle
6. Claude Von Stroke Chimps
7. Samim and Michal House Nation
8. Tomas Andersson Dubble Problematik
9. Reword Love Love Love Yeah
10. Roman Fluegel La Forza del Destino
11. Tom Mangan Mysterious Exteacher
12. Seelenluft An Ape Called Bob
13. Krak Street Boys Aliens Don't Exist
14. Siobhan Donaghy Don't Give It Up (Carl Craig Remix)
15. Antenna Camina del Sol (Joakim Remix)
16. Joakim Lonely Hearts (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)

The Swiss entrepeneur from Zuerich and innovator of modern, interesting and danceable music has felt closely linked to a continuing reinvention of electronic sounds for more than a decade.

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