Blair Stafford aka brother b is fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 29/08/07

1. Can I Want More [Spoon]
2. Deep Street Soul Deep Street Strut [Jaycees Records]
3. Chuck Womack and The Sweet Souls Ham, Hock and Beans [Dis Joint]
4. School House Funk 2 Interlude Bus 11 [Cal-Tex]
5. School House Funk 2 Gaza Strip [Cal-Tex]
6. George Duke Pluck [Epic]
7. Restless Soul Everytime ft. Zansika [Raw Fusion]
8. Harmon Moo [CDR]
9. Rephrase Mink [Rephrase Music]
10. Kids In Tracksuits Head To The Woods [/Dealmaker Records]
11. Deela Danube Bird (Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop Remix) [Switchstance Recordings]
12. Oh No Heavy [Stones Throw]
13. Ancient Astronauts 36 Hours (Fort Knox Five Remix) [Switchstance Recordings]
14. The Ya Basta Crew Ya Basta Dub Mix (Subcomandante Marcos) [Ya Basta]
15. The Ya Basta Crew Ya Basta (Subcomandante Marcos) [Ya Basta]
16. 7 Samurai God's Props [G.A.M.M]
17. Data Invasion So Many... [Hamton Recordings]
18. El Michels Affair Bring The Ruckus [Truth and Soul]
19. El Michels Affair Glaciers Of Ice [Truth and Soul]
20. El Michels Affair Duel Of The Iron Mic [Truth and Soul]

Quite a funky week this week. Some old, much new and several screwed up mixes!


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