Onur Engin embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, hip-hop and modern sounds where jazz is the theme.

Playlist 12/09/07

1. Cunnie Williams - Comin' From The Heart Of The Ghetto [Yo Mama's-1993]
2. We The People - Where's The Logic [Crossroads-1993)]
3. Marden Hill - Honey Dipped (Album Mix) [On Delancey Street-1994]
4. Jazzkantine - Take Five [RCA-1995]
5. Mock Quintet feat. Khevan Onaje - Sweet Potato [Ubiquity-1993]
6. Poets of Peeze - Soulvibration [Crossroads-1993]
7. Salon Music - Unsquare Dance [Polystar Japan-1992]
8. Liquid Soul - Equinox [Ark 21-1996]
9. Push - Fight It [Soulciety-1996]
10. Max Beesley's High Vibes - Night Daze [Boogie Back-1993]
11. Count Basic - Jazz In The House [Spray-1994]
12. United Future Organization - I Love My Baby [Zero Corporation-1992]
13. Vibes Alive - The Spoken Word [Luv'n Haight-1991]
14. Tony Cook - Simply Wicked [Turning Reel Productions-1992]
15. Sient Poets - Painter [99 Records-1994]

Back to my roots! :) Pulling out some tunes from 90's acid jazz albums... Enjoy!


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