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Playlist 28/09/07

1. Phoneheads & the Dusseldorf Symphonic Orchestra - Syrinx [Infracom/Creative Vibes]
2. Makoto - Spangle [Good Looking/Inertia]
3. Me & You - Last Night (Benny Page Remix) [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
4. Azaxx - Fiesta Tropical [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
5. Choice37 feat Othello - Tomorrow [Subcontact]
6. Median - Powershift [Halftooth]
7. Mellow Black feat Introspect - Million Man Crawl [Speed of Motion]
8. Katalyst feat Diverse - Dedicated [Invada/Inertia]
9. Albin Janoska - La Connection [Klein/Creative Vibes]
10. Build an Ark - Healing Song [Kindred Spirits/Inertia]
11. Doug Hammond - Tear [Heavenly Sweetness]
12. Ben Mi Duck - Stepping Back [Treble O]
13. 4 Hero - Morning Child (Daddy G Remix) [Raw Canvas/Inertia]
14. Mumbles - Never Ending [Sound in Color/Creative Vibes]
15. Waldeck - Dope Noir [Dope Noir/Creative Vibes]
16. Robert Strauss - Song for Vanja [BBE/Inertia]
17. Stone Mecca - Good Woman [Touch the Music]
18. Jill Scott - Crown Royal [Hidden Beach/Universal]
19. Aroop Roy - Too Long [Freestyle/Creative Vibes]
20. Wojtek Urbanski - Piano Pianoli (Envee's Ponglish Dub Remix) [Compost/Creative Vibes]
21. Prince Fatty - Milk & Honey (Moody Boyz Dub) [Mr Bongo/Inertia]
22. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Voices Whisper [Freedom School]
23. Joash - Salome [Compost/Creative Vibes]
24. Miles Bonny - Closer [Melting Pot/Creative Vibes]
25. Rahsaan Patterson - Oh Lord (Take Me Back) [Dome/Stomp]

It was two hours of strictly new music for this week's Stylin. But the sort of new music that recalls and respects the old. So we had Makoto putting Nina Simone (and a piano riff which I can't quite place - can you help?) into drum & bass, Build an Ark covering Pharoah Sanders, the return of Tribe Records jazz legend Doug Hammond, Daddy G remixing 4 Hero in vintage Massive Attack style and 80s acid housers the Moody Boyz back doing dubstep.

Albums to check: the drum & bass meets classical of Phoneheads with the Dusseldorf Symphonic Orchestra, the J-League hip hop of Median's 'Median's Relief', Build an Ark's second spiritual jazz album 'Dawn' and the Rza-affiliated soul of Stone Mecca.

Next week: interviews with Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek.

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