Mixed live by Erik Cascone & Mauro Di Martino for Sicania Soul Inc at Kosen Rufu studio, Bologna, IT.

Playlist Sicania Soul

1. Bettye LaVette I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (Sicania Soul Piano Mix)* [ EMI]
2. Alice Russell To Know This [ Tru Thoughts ]
3. Jill Scott Bedda At Home (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Hidden Beach]
4. N'Dambi Do Mat Mare Ray (Sicania Soul D&B Mix)* [ Cheeky-i]
5. Erikah Badu Danger [ EMI]
6. Roy Ayers Touch Of Class (Matthew Herbert's Touch Of Ass Mix) [ Rapster/BBE]
7. Extended Spirit Siding (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Sonar Kollective]
8. Roy Ayers I Am Your Mind Part 2 (Pepe Bradock A Cappella) [ Rapster/BBE ]
9. Ursula Rucker Church Party (Sicania Soul Mix)* [ !K7]
10. Innervisions presents Tokio Black Star Deep Sea (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Sonar Kollective]
11. Carl Craig Home Enterambient Caya Dub (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Planet E]
12. Henrik Schwarz Leave My Head Alone Brain (Sicania Soul Mix)* [ Sunday Music]
13. Daniele Baldelli Explorer (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Cosmic Music]
14. Josè Gonzalez Stay In The Shade (Sicania Soul Edit)* [ Imperial Recording]

Sicania is a term that defines and gives voice to Sicily; the Soul is the spirit, the heart, the wish, the passion of this voice translated in music.
Sicania Soul is a team composed by the two djs/producers, Erik Cascone and Mauro Di Martino together with the Maestro Angelo Adamo.

It is conviction of the Sicania Soul that the music, as mirror of the life, has to notice the condition of the contemporary existence.
In this epoch of worrisome confusion, countersigned by the impossibility to inhale to a encoded and systematic knowledge, their ambition it is to ri-organize all the fragmentary data of the musical reality to renewed superior unity.
That's the reason why Sicania Soul style mixes different musical genres: an endless sweater of rhythms and melodies that have origin in the classics of the Disco Music, Funk, Latin, and especially Jazz giving life to an universal musical form, that could be defined simply De-Genre.

In the hope that mankind will find a way to transcend the ingenues racial and cultural differences, also and above all as a musical testimony of ‘ecumenical contamination’.


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