Blair Stafford plays off QSOs new album with some treats from Ohmega Watts, Randolph, Marc Hype and much more.

Playlist 9/10/07

1. Dunkelbunt Smile on Your Face (baba ganoush remix) [Chat Chapeau]
2. Ohmega Watts Few and Far Between [Ubiquity]
3. Randolph Soul Brutha [Still Music]
4. Randolph Leanin [Still Music]
5. Milton Wright Keep It Up [Jazzman Records]
6. Los Charlys Orchestra Jazz, Funk and Broken Beats [Imagenes]
7. Sol Selectas La Noche [White]
8. Quantic Soul Orchestra Tropidelico [Tru Thoughts]
9. Quantic Soul Orchestra Panama City [Tru Thoughts]
10. Quantic Soul Orchestra She Said What feat. J-Live [Tru Thoughts]
11. Quantic Soul Orchestra Melodious Wayfare [Tru Thoughts]
12. Quantic Soul Orchestra Regi Bugalu [Tru Thoughts]
13. Soulsearchers It's all in your Mind [Sussex]
14. The Sylvers Only One Can Win (re-edit) [Earthgems]
15. The Dynamics Brothers On The Slide [Big Singles]
16. Bendix The Tomorrow People [Earthgems]
17. The Snags Strugglin' (Rephrase Remix) [Freestyle]
18. Deela Danube Band (Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop remix) [Switchstance Recordings]
19. A.G.F.A Weakness of a Trade (Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop remix) [Freestyle]
20. Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop Bombay Raw [Milkcrate]
21. Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop The Mexican [Melting Pot Music]

With the iminent Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop tour I wrap up this week's show with a few of their mixes; but not before touching down on new albums by Ohmega Watts, Randolph, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Los Charlys Orchestra, The Snags and so many other great new releases.

That new album by Will Holland aka Quantic Soul Orchestra, Tropidelico, is the bomb. Such south american madness. Straight into my years top 10!!

This weeks show was once again bought to you with the opening off one of Dunkelbunt's mixes of Smile on Your Face.



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