The dance floor tracks you hear on "Spank Da Bass" are going to contain that sub sonic element, but it's the other kooky left field things that will amaze and stun you...

Playlist 30/11/05

1. Jim Shimmer The Quad [777]
2. Aquasky and Meat Katie Overneath [Pasenger]
3. Audio Bullys Get Get Down [ White]
4. Darft Punk Robot Rock [ Virgin]
5. Darft Punk Human After All [ Virgin]
6. Benjamin Thevies Texas [Kitsune]
7. Slim Its In The Mixix [Crippled Dic Hot Wax]
8. Rob Turnover Jimmi The Cat [Argaron Steel]
9. Andra Kraml Safari [Firm]
10. Kitty Bronx Cruel Is The Land [Junior Boys Own]

We're going to hear the newest rolling bass style-e of
Aquaskys strongest labels (Passenger & 777) and the grid work of Sebastian as he re-works tracks in a truly new distorted bass way..!!


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