Permanent & Executive Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

StraightUp can help you build your FTE teams across Cyber Security, Cloud, Data & Software Development. We are well networked in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia and talk to an average of 200 candidates each week! Our main value-add here is accessing a passive candidate market that will not be applying for jobs due to the talent shortage in tech. By simply relying on job ads, companies miss out on the vast majority of talent out there!

Executive Recruitment

StraightUp has a wide network of executive talent in Tech. We have experience hiring CTO, CIO, Head of and Director level positions. Our approach here is different to standard permanent recruitment. Each search campaign begins with a thorough job brief, followed by a process known as ‘market mapping’. We then report the results of this research to you (the customer) and initiate a proactive headhunting campaign through various platforms and sourcing channels – the most important one being our network that we have built up and curated over many years.

Read more about market mapping below.