Creating A Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Culture
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Zak Zainal
June 20, 2023

Diversity and inclusion are what every company aims to achieve and here at StraightUp we are no different. We believe in providing a culture where people are able to be who they are and we achieve success through leveraging our team’s individual experiences. 

As a practising Muslim trying to follow my faith is something I hold very dear to me so working in an organisation where I can practice my faith openly is something I’m very grateful for as Australia is a multicultural country built on the contributions of people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of life it's vital that we learn to respect one another. For me, this comes down to education and understanding because you have to ask yourself until you can understand one another. “How can we have empathy?.”

During my chats with Jed leading up to Ramadan, I explained why I was fasting and that I didn’t want to be treated any differently because even though I am fasting I still have a duty to my employer. 

What made this Ramadan special to me was the opportunity to have a Community Iftar with our charity partner Lighthouse where I was able to share why we fast, what we learn from it and share some experiences. 

I was very grateful for the support for this initiative and I recommend that any employer trying to be more inclusive to support their employees in these initiatives. 

Here are some ways to encourage your team members to hold these initiatives

  1. KYE - Know your employee. Understanding a person’s background will enable you to understand their way of thinking and allow you to be more supportive of their beliefs.
  2. Empower your employees - encourage employees to share about their culture, religion or beliefs in a setting that is built around respect and understanding. 
  3. Call out bigotry - Part of creating a safe space also means being able to call out when behaviours are unacceptable.
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