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Cyber Security Salary Survey Australia 2023.

The two biggest questions employers are asking right now are ‘how do we attract top Cyber Security talent?’ and ‘how much should we be paying them?’.

We know how dynamic this industry is, so we’ve put together all of our market insights to help guide you through your hiring process.
Key Insights.
Top Roles in Technology Jobs Australia: Cyber Security, Front End Developer
Top 3 Most In Demand Cyber Security Jobs
The top 3 in demand tech professions in 2023 are: Cyber Security Engineer, GRC Analyst and Security Analyst.
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90% of candidates expect to work from home at least 2 days a week.
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On average, we saw salaries in Cyber Security uplifted by 27% last year.
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Shift In Candidate Motivation
In 2023, we've seen a shift away from candidates being interested in Big Tech / startups and increased interest in established corporations - due to perceived higher job security.

Cyber Security.

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